De Pannekoek outdoor museum

The Biesbosch MuseumEiland has another section that you can visit. On the other side of the water is the free accessible outdoor museum De Pannekoek (The Pancake).

We as people have been crucial for what the Biesbosch looks like. The Biesbosch was once full of Willow Fields. (planted fields with willows.) By planting, harvesting and processing rush, reed and willow on a large scale, a lively trade arose. The willow and reed culture. As a visitor, experience the world of willow workers – a profession that no longer exists.

You can also admire a duck decoy catch pipe, beaver castle and a shack made with willow and reeds via the unpaved paths of this outdoor museum. Griend workers stayed in the Biesbosch all week during their work. They used this type of chacks to spend the night in the cold harvest months. In this area, located directly next to the museum, the wood is still chopped and the reeds cut, just like in the past.

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